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Work Station Ironing Board Cover
Work Station Ironing Board
The Work Station Ironing Board is 12" wide, 24" long and can be attached to a table edge up to 3" thick and is adjustable to a table height of 37". The top is covered with one layer of batting, one layer of insulated batting and the top cover of aluminized cotton.
Price $84.95 Each, plus shipping, handling and tax if applicable.
Free with purchase of Ironing Board is a full size paper pattern to make your own removable cover.

Wholesale inquiries welcome
The Ironing Board Cover helps protect the permanent cover and is washable. It slips over the brackets at the rear of the board and pulled over the front and is held in place by elastic. The  cover is available in the fabric designs shown below. Price $14.95 Each, plus shipping, handling and tax if applicable.
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Aluminized Cotton
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Work Station Ironing Board